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$8 Friday | Bin Store Thrift Shopping In Fort Smith

Facebook Live Replay For 11/18/2022 – $8 Friday – Thrift Shopping In Fort Smith

This $8 Friday Is Packed With Amazing Deals

First Time Here? This Is How It Works

Good Morning everyone, and thank you for joining us at 1440 Wholesale. Here’s a sneak peek at $8 Friday for some amazing bin store thrift shopping in Fort Smith. For those who haven’t shopped with us before, the thrift shop experience is a little bit different at 1440 Wholesale. All items in the sales bins are one low flat price. For example, Friday is always $8 day, which means all merchandise in the bargain bins are only $8 per item. We source merchandise from various big box stores that liquidate mass quantities of product. These products consist of customer returns and warehouse overstock.

Our Merchandise Gets Cheaper By The Day

To explain further, products we receive have been liquidated. This allows us to offer customers unbeatable deals at the lowest prices. As I mentioned earlier, all bargain bin items are the same flat price. Prices continue to drop as the week progresses. Our current pricing schedule is as follows: $8 Friday, $8 Saturday, $5 Sunday, $3 Monday, and $1 Tuesday. At the end of our weekly cycle, the entire store is restocked with fresh merchandise and the process begins all over again.

So Many Ways To Stay Connected With 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith

If you subscribe to our Youtube Channel or follow us on Facebook, you already know we provide frequent daily updates about thrift shopping in Fort Smith. Moreover, these updates include photos and video clips for a sneak peek at what you can find each day of the week. Interestingly, not many stores provide customers with an inside look at daily product inventory. However, we believe customers enjoy these updates and we’re happy to provide them. Finally, be sure to check our homepage or Google Business page for hours and directions to our warehouse. 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith is located at 506 N 2nd St in Fort Smith. And now, let’s look at some merchandise available on this $8 Friday!

A Note About One Important Store Policy

First off, stay connected with 1440 Wholesale by joining our text list. Simply text the number “1440” to 479-309-5740. This is a great way to stay updated on all things 1440 Wholesale. Secondly, one important store policy to take note of is that you may only open and test products at our designated testing station. There’s a special area of the store specifically set up for customers to test and inspect products before making a purchase. Uniquely, the testing station has charging cables and plenty of batteries. Lastly, we encourage you to make sure the item you’re interested is complete and in proper working order.

Bargain Bins Packed With Amazing Variety

Moving on to the bargain bins, they are at the point of overflowing this week on $8 Friday. The contrast and variety of merchandise is always surprising. Here is a set of glass food saver containers sitting right next to a pack of earbuds. For example, you may find an electronic bug zapper located right underneath a portable pet carrier. Over here is another example. There’s a silicone ice cube tray sitting right next to a cold brew coffee maker. Some other items scattered around this bin include a plastic shower curtain liner and a 20 pack of clothes hangers. In addition to these, here is a logarithmic plate with beads. This is a great learning toy for kids. Each bargain bin is packed with this type of varied assortment. For this reason, 1440 Wholesale is the #1 spot for thrift shopping in Fort Smith.

thrift shopping in Fort Smith

Splash Sprinkler Pad, Cake Decorating Stand, And Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Continuing this quick, sneak peek tour, I see a splash sprinkler pad for kids. Next is a collection of pop-it toys sprinkled about. And over here is a cake decorating stand and an electric fly swatter. With everything from housewares to pharmacy, you will uncover some items like this floral arrangement and a two slice toaster. Continuing on, here is a pack of Rob-life LED bulb string lights. Finishing off this section, I also see a hair dryer sitting right on top of some LED ambiance lights. These lights look very cool. In fact, this week’s $8 day is absolutely packed with different types of lighting from ceiling lights, to floor lamps, to solar powered outdoor spotlights.

Special Announcement! Thanksgiving Day Event!

Before we close, a quick note about a special Black Friday style event taking place on Thanksgiving Day from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This Black Friday event in Fort Smith will feature the greatest number of premium, high dollar merchandise we have ever put out. To be clear, I’m talking about filling the bargain bins with hundreds of high retail items. All merchandise in the bargain bins on Thanksgiving Day are only $12 per item. Undeniably, these will be some of the best deals around. Tell your family and friends about this special even at 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith. Again, the date and time for this special, Thanksgiving Day event is November 24th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Closed From 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. For Afternoon Restock

Thank you all so much for joining us on this $8 Friday sneak peek for November 18th, 2022. One thing worth mentioning is the potential free for all once the doors open. However, you can arrive early to lock down your place in line. Our doors open at 9 a.m. for $8 Friday. We are closed from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in order to restock the bins for the afternoon. Lastly, we re-open at 2 p.m. and finally close out the day at 5 p.m. We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for making 1440 Wholesale the top choice for thrift shopping in Fort Smith. Have a wonderful day!

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