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Home » Blog » Bargain Bin Thrift Shop In Fort Smith | $5 Sunday | Facebook Live Replay | 11-13-22

Bargain Bin Thrift Shop In Fort Smith | $5 Sunday | Facebook Live Replay | 11-13-22

$5 Sunday | Facebook Live Replay | 11-13-2022

Merchandise From Claire’s At Your #1 Bargain Bin Thrift Shop In Fort Smith

Good morning ladies and gentleman and welcome to 1440 Wholesale, the #1 bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith. We begin this mini tour of $5 Sunday at the front counter with an exciting addition that just came in this week. Today we have some wigs and other hair accessories, along with some Christmas style tutus. We also have brand new merchandise that came to us from Claire’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories. You’ve probably visited Claire’s more than a few times in a shopping mall somewhere. There are lots of cute items including airpod cases, charms, beanie boos, jewelry, and many other great smaller items that make great stocking stuffers for those Christmas stockings.

Magnetic Eyelashes, Balance Balls, And A Moka Pot.

Moving on to the bargain bins, there are still a lot of great items left over from the Saturday afternoon restock yesterday. Right off the bat I see some game controller grips and a pack of magnetic eyelashes. We unexpectedly received quite a few of these magnetic eyelashes and they’ve been flying out the door. Next, we have a portable handheld fan along with a unicorn style laundry bag. Right next to those items we have a balance ball you can incorporate into your workouts. Continuing on, I see a small Moka Pot, a small inflatable kids pool, some baby blankets, and umbrellas for that wet weather right around the corner.

The Grinch, Backpacks, And A Cycling Computer.

Thrift Shop In Fort Smith

Making our way down a little further, I see Grinch slippers, brand new kids headphones, and some unicorn style kids earmuffs that look very warm and cozy. The Grinch seems to be a popular theme today as we also have a Grinch beanie. Over here are some small backpacks in addition to some of the other full size backpacks and hand bags we have displayed on the walls. Finishing off this section, I’ve spotted a potentially high dollar item called a GPS cycling computer. Without looking it up online, I would guess this item probably retails for more than $30. But guess what? Here at your local bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith, it’s only going to cost you $5! In fact, every single item in the bargain bins is only $5.

Nail Polish Gel, Fidget Toys, And Bluetooth Keyboards.

Continuing on, here is another item we received quite a few of that are turning out to be pretty popular, and that’s the 6 pack of nail polish gel. If you’ve been experiencing any type of lower back pain but just can’t bring yourself to drop $20 or $30 dollars at the store for a back brace, we do have a few of those floating around the bins. Surprisingly, we still have some wireless Bluetooth keyboards in the bins, which are a steal at only $5. Continuing with that theme, we also have a lap desk and a desktop stand that would be a perfect platform for your computer monitor at home. To finish up this section I see some fidget toys and pop-its that are still available.

An LED Desk Lamp, Garden Hoses, And Faucet Systems.

And lastly, we are going to conclude today’s product sneak peek with a look at the hardware tables. We received a handful of nice garden hoses along with some terrariums and an LED desk lamp. Moving on down the line, we also have some solar pathway lights, floating shelves, and a battery charger. In addition to those, we also have a small collection of shower heads and sink faucet systems that absolutely retail for $30 or more. Some of these hardware items retail for $50 or more. The hardware tables have become popular with folks who work in building maintenance, or who manage rental properties. In closing, I did want to mention quickly that we also received a new load of brand new clothing. Most of these new clothing items are brand new with tags, another unbelievable deal at only $5 per piece of clothing.

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There are so many great deals available today at your local bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith. 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith is located at 506 N 2nd St and our doors open this morning at 11:30 a.m. We will be going strong until 4 p.m. this afternoon so get on down here as soon as you can and take advantage of some amazing opportunities on this $5 Sunday.

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