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Home » Blog » Bargain Bin Thrift Shop In Fort Smith | 1440 Wholesale FB Livestream Replay | $8 Saturday – 10/15/2022

Bargain Bin Thrift Shop In Fort Smith | 1440 Wholesale FB Livestream Replay | $8 Saturday – 10/15/2022

Bargain Bin Thrift Store In Fort Smith – 1440 Wholesale FB Livestream Replay – $8 Saturday – 10/15/2022

Thank You For Visiting The #1 Bargain Bin Thrift Shop In Fort Smith. Catch The $8 Dollar Saturday Facebook Live Stream Replay Right Here.

Hello everybody, and welcome to 1440 Wholesale, your #1 bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith. Today is $8 Saturday, and after a fresh restock this morning, there’s a ton of great stuff out here in the bargain bins. These bins are absolutely toppling over with deals. For example, one such deal overlooked by many is the great bargain on linens. There are waterproof mattress protectors here. That’s a steal at only $8. Additionally, you can also find furniture slipcovers, duvet covers, bed sheets, and more. In addition to those, we also have bathroom mats. As you can see, the bins are totally stocked and we also have hardware out here. In face, we’ve actually got more hardware than usual this week. For example, here’s a master lock and some shower supplies.

Fashion Bags & Backpacks, New Clothing, And Shoes

We have a little bit of everything today here at the #1 bargain bin thrift store in Fort Smith. We have some hand bags and hats over here on the wall. The address here at 1440 Wholesale is 506 North 2nd Street in Fort Smith. We are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then again from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. today. We close at 1 p.m. and reopen at 2 p.m. for an afternoon restock. There’s a ton of variety for clothes today. We have new clothes with tags all for only $8 a piece. As an example, here’s a wet suit, an amazing deal right here. I’m surprised it’s still here, maybe it just went out this morning. We have shoes, pants, t-shirts, blouses, maybe even some sweaters and swimsuits still left in here.

Pop-its To Shredders, Pallets Of Merchandise, And End Of Week Mystery Boxes

thrift shop in Fort Smith

Moving right along, we’ve got some pop-its and here’s a paper shredder. You can find all kinds of great deals today here at 1440 Wholesale. Once again, the address is 506 North 2nd Street in Fort Smith. We do have four end of the week mystery boxes over here. These are $12.50 per box. End of the week boxes consist of dollar day leftover items. What that means is that remaining, unsold items during the bin sale round are boxed up and sold as mystery boxes for $12.50 per box. Additionally, we do have some incredible deals here on 7-foot to 8-foot pallets of merchandise. These are Amazon return pallets with a price tag of $439. These pallets are loaded with awesome general merchandise. For example, this one has an air fryer on it. So you have a few of those pallets to choose from at $439. Then we have some smaller pallets of merchandise here for $219. Not all of these have a price tag on them, but the smaller ones are priced at $219.

$8 Day Recap, Customer Reviews, And Social Media Updates

Because it’s $8 Saturday, all items in the bargain bins are only $8 per item. In addition to that, you have the mystery boxes at $12.50 and some great deals on Amazon return general merchandise. As always, we really appreciate it when you like and share these videos as it helps to keep our advertising costs down. This helps us keep our prices low and offer even better deals. All right folks, we look forward to seeing you this morning, it’s going to be an amazing $8 Saturday here at your premier bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith. For all the latest updates, news, and special events, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. If you’d like to share your experience at 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith, please share your review on our Google Business Page or on our Yelp Page.

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