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Home » Blog » $3 Monday Is Here | Bargain Bin Liquidation Store In Fort Smith | Facebook Livestream Replay | 10/24/2022

$3 Monday Is Here | Bargain Bin Liquidation Store In Fort Smith | Facebook Livestream Replay | 10/24/2022

$3 Monday | Bargain Bin Liquidation Store In Fort Smith | 1440 Wholesale

The Bargain Bins Are Packed For $3 Monday At The #1 Liquidation Store In Fort Smith! 

Ladies and gentleman, if you were saving your next trip to 1440 Wholesale for a rainy day, not only is rain in the forecast, but so are amazing unbeatable deals! It’s $3 Monday at The River Valley’s best liquidation store in Fort Smith and the bargain bins are overflowing with great products. And remember, $3 Monday means each and every item in the bargain bins is only $3.

Halloween is fast approaching, but there’s still time!

Halloween is fast approaching, but there’s still time to get your home fully decorated on the cheap. This morning I do see that we have more Halloween decorations and yard signs available. Halloween is exactly one week from today so time is running out to stock up on decorations and party supplies. Today is the day to get your Halloween shopping done on the cheap.  These Halloween gnomes and wall banners would look great. Here we have some calendars and dinosaurs for the little ones, and some steam trays for the microwave.

Kids toys, air fryer filters, workout balls, and more.

Moving along over here we have a bracelet making toy kit for the girls. We’ve been getting a lot of air fryer filters lately which is great because they seem to be very popular. I didn’t realize how much people were into air fryers. The variety of merchandise in the bargain bins ranges from kids paint sets, to exercise workout balls, all the way to these very handy first aid kits that everyone should keep around the house or at the office. There are quite a few of those in the bins today for only $3 here at the #1 liquidation store in Fort Smith.

Take care of that Christmas list in one trip!

Here we have some blow up balls for the pool and a hot glue gun. With so much variety, just think how many boxes you’ll be able to check off your Christmas list in one shopping trip. We also still have some backpacks and fashion bags remaining from the weekend. The hardware tables, which are also $3 per item, still have quite a few great deals waiting to be claimed including this tabletop TV stand. Sitting right next to these gift bags and welcome signs, we have an audio interface which probably runs about fifty or sixty dollars retail but today, as I said, everything in the bargain bins is only $3.

Doors open at 9 a.m. – be sure to get here early.

Doors open at 9 a.m. here at 506 N. 2nd Street in Fort Smith for $3 Monday. Be sure to get here early and secure your place in line to get first dibs on the most sought after items. We will be open until 5 p.m. today and we’re located at 506 N. 2nd St in Fort Smith. We hope to see you all down here very soon.

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