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Home » Blog » Massive $8 Friday | Bargain Bin Thrift Store In Fort Smith | Facebook Livestream Replay | $8 Friday | 10/21/2022

Massive $8 Friday | Bargain Bin Thrift Store In Fort Smith | Facebook Livestream Replay | $8 Friday | 10/21/2022

Massive $8 Friday At Your #1 Bargain Bin Thrift Store In Fort Smith

Don’t Miss This Incredible $8 Friday At The #1 Bargain Bin Thrift Store In Fort Smith! The Bargain Bins Are Packed – Amazon Mystery Boxes Are Back!

Alright, it’s time to get ready for $8 Friday and the bargain bins are absolutely packed full of deals. Once again, here at the #1 bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith, you can find just about anything imaginable this week for $8 Friday. I will take a quick stroll around the store to see what I find. Here are some shelving kits, along with some protective tablet cases. We also have pop-it toys and insulated water bottles, which are very handy to have for work, bike rides, and workouts. Now really quick, as we take a look at some of the many deals going on this $8 Friday, I want to remind you of the address here at 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith. The address here is 506 N. 2nd Street in Fort Smith.

Hardware, Kitchenware, and Toys

In addition to the items mentioned above, therer are many brand new items in the bargain bins this week. For instance, we have this random orbital sander along with a set of resistance bands for your next workout. Over here, we have a fryer pot along with some kids toys. Next on the list is a stem solar robot learning kit for kids. With the holiday season being right around the corner, now is a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts for the whole family. You can definitely complete your entire Christmas gift shopping list on the cheap here at the #1 bargain bin thrift store in Fort Smith.

Find Anything From Plant Stands To Earbuds

Moving on to the next bargain bin, I see a plant stand set along with some earbuds for your listening pleasure. The funny thing about earbuds is that the boxes are so small, they sometimes get buried beneath some of the larger items. It’s always fun to watch when someone uncovers a little treasure like that. Continuing on, I see a hand vac which is perfect for getting those hard to reach places in the car. Right next to the hand vac is a neck fan which is an interesting item. And lastly for this bin, I see tons of pop-it toys scattered all over the place. These are always a big hit with the kids. Here’s another interesting product, it’s a bamboo magnetic knife block. This is a perfect and unique way to organize and hang all of your kitchen knives.

The Return Of Amazon Mystery Boxes

In contrast to other items we’ve come across, here is an aquarium LED light along with an electric paint spray gun. This demonstrates once again, the crazy variety you will find searching through these absolutely jam packed bargain bins. I want to remind everyone that doors open at 9 a.m. for $8 Friday and $8 Saturday. Lastly, another important announcement is the return of Amazon Mystery Boxes which have always been a fan/customer favorite. The Amazon Mystery Boxes will be available this $8 Friday (10/21/2022) for $65 per box.

Get Here Early For A Shot At The Best Items

Finally, be sure to get here early to secure your place in line for a shot at the most sought after items. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to seeing all of you for $8 Friday, here at the number one bargain bin thrift shop in Fort Smith. We always value feedback from our valued customers. If you’d like to share your experience, please post a review at the 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith Yelp Page, the 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith Facebook Page, or visit the 1440 Wholesale Fort Smith Google Biz Page.

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